Month: August 2012

Our “Raising Hel…p” Fundraiser was a Success!

First off we would like to thank everyone who came out for our “First Annual: Darrel Goad’s Raising Hel…p Car & Bike Show” – you helped make the day a success!

We are proud to say we met our original goal of raising $1,000 for the Wishes & More organization by 11:00am, and revised that goal to $1,500! We actually surpassed that goal too, raising $1,722 from the event, and with the club throwing in a bit more, our total came to $1,982! Not bad for our first crack at it. We would like to see that amount doubled or tripled for next year 🙂

[TextColours color=”red-mute” ]***REVISED: Since this was posted, we received one more donation from Karla @ Wishes & More – she donated $18 to make our show total an even $2,000![/TextColours]

The day started out with the constant threat of rain, so there were big concerns as to how many people would come, and whether or not the sweet band we had lined up would be able to play, but we set everything up and kept moving forward anyway. It did rain a bit here and there, but it did not seem to bother our day too much.

However, there were some tricky moments – like when The Holy Rocka Rollaz came, and couldn’t set up their equipment due to some rain. Carol at The Mermaid saved the day by moving the band into a large tent, and we are very grateful for that – the band made the event the coolest one in town!

We had a ton of prize drawings throughout the day, and a grand prize drawing at the end. We gave out 5 plaques, and the first ever “Goadster Award”. The Goadster Award is a trophy (this year’s was made with pistons!) given out to the vehicle that we think our dear club member Darrel Goad would have chosen. Darrel’s wife Lanette, a club member also, made the choice this year. (We will be posting pictures of the event soon)

This whole show was in memory of Darrel, who passed away a year ago today from cancer. The club unanimously agreed we would like to honor Darrel with this event, and giving back to the community in his name. The Wishes & More organization was chosen as our recipients because Darrel (or “Papa D”) loved kids (himself a Father of four, and Grandfather of five beautiful children), and we know he would have wanted to help them.

Karla, the President of the organization gave a very moving speech on behalf of Wishes & More, and that just cemented the fact that we can really help the kids and their families that are dealing with life threatening illnesses. Our thanks go to Karla for coming and helping to raise awareness of this very worthy cause.

We will definitely be doing a “Second Annual” show next year, and we would love for you to come back!

Special thanks goes to Carol at The Mermaid, Joelle at Wishes & More, and The Holy Rocka Rollaz, and all of the businesses that donated prizes and/or distributed flyers for us.

P.S. We miss you Darrel!

First Fifty Auto Club