Contemplating a Car-Related Christmas Gift? There’s Something for Everyone

Guest Blogger Post By Keith Jacobs

If you’re wondering what to get the car lover who has everything for Christmas, you can stop wondering. There’s always something new and unique for car enthusiasts who love to tinker and spiff up their ride. And whether you want to go the fuzzy dice route or get your gearhead friend something a little more over the top, it’s easy to find the right Christmas gift at the right price online or at your nearby auto supply store. Here are a few ideas to help shift your holiday shopping into high gear. 

 A Garage That Keeps on Giving

Most car lovers are compulsive tinkerers and upgraders. This Christmas, give the mechanic in the family the gift of a cleaned and organized garage, a workspace with a place for every tool and supply. It may take some doing, and if there’s not enough time left to find a place for all that garage debris, consider putting it in storage until after the holidays. It’s affordable and convenient: A 5’ x 5’ storage unit in Andover can be rented for just $30.99.  

Handheld Polisher

If the car enthusiast in your life isn’t happy until there’s a high-gloss shine on his vehicle, you’re sure to make him happy with a handheld polishing machine. They’re easy to use and the perfect gift for anyone who’s driven crazy by small nicks and scratches that can be buffed out if you’ve got the right tool for the job. The Meguiars MT300 DA Polisher ($169 at Amazon) comes with dual or rotary action, is lightweight and durable, and is guaranteed to hold up over many buffings by even the most obsessive-compulsive polisher. The best part: you can give your friend the gift of shiny driving for under $200.

Bluetooth Technology

In most parts of the country, using a mobile phone while driving can land you in hot water. But sometimes you just need to hear your favorite tune or share some news with a friend or loved one while you’re behind the wheel. A Bluetooth kit is a great holiday gift because it’s a communication/entertainment convenience that will keep your tech-savvy motorist from getting into trouble while fumbling with a handheld unit.

The Bluetooth handsfree car kit comes with a speaker and microphone and can either be hardwired in or attached the visor. At just over $100, this idea won’t completely destroy your holiday gift-giving budget. If you feel like going the full route, why not throw in a Bluetooth FM transmitter as well, which connects to a smartphone and tunes into FM — all it needs is a working cigarette lighter.


People who love fixer-upper car projects may need a little help if they’re not quite so savvy when it comes to stereophonic sound. If your friend has a hot new refurbished ride that’s lacking a robust sound system, consider a pair of speakers with a powerful subwoofer for a beat that’ll rattle teeth in every car that’s nearby. However, be sure to read through online reviews before you buy (the Pioneer 3-Way Speakers offer high fidelity at just under $79 on Best Buy, while some brands go for as much as $700 if you’re into splurging for superior sound). 

Jump Starter

Car nuts love their bells and whistles, but they’re also practical people who understand the value of tools that can get them out of trouble if something goes wrong, such as resurrecting a dead car battery in the dead of night. If you think jumper cables lack aesthetic appeal, opt for the new technology in portable battery jumping. The NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 is a small, easy-to-handle device that’s powerful enoughto jump-start everything from a small compact car to a light truck. At about$250, it’s an ideal combination of practicality and cool technology. 

Whether you’re thinking about splurging or giving a practical gift this Christmas, there are plenty of options for the carenthusiast on your list. Just keep looking — you’re guaranteed to findsomething he doesn’t have yet.

Keith is passionate about cars. He started to share his tips and advice.

Image courtesy of Pixabay